Easily integrate natural language search into your applications

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Kapsule offers to your users a natural access to the data by :

  • Translating human searches into actionable technical queries ;
  • Using advanced semantics to cover vocabulary differences between user and documents ;
  • Being tolerant about spelling or phonetic errors when typing searches.

A Kapsule contains everything it needs to run, no need for a connection to operate. You can use it on embedded softwares, highly connected applications or anything you want. It works locally, so performances are met in any condition, you can now achieve a reliable and satisfying user experience of search or data browsing.

A kapsule is intrinsically privacy's respectful since there is absolutely no interaction between the kapsule and any servers, no tracking can be done. You can also ensure data security by encrypting your Kapsule. This way only authenticated users or applications can use it whether the diffusion is secure or not.

Kapsules are tailored to work on embedded devices. So we shrink every bit of data we put in the kapsule and we lower the search process footprint in 3 steps :

  • We use a proprietary algorithm of "semantic compression" to reduce searched textual data without losing semantic value ;
  • Only parts of the search technology that are relevant for you kapsule are included ;
  • And finally we use low code / high efficiency data compression algorithms for results storage.

Kapsules are available as a JavaScript one-file package with no dependencies and can be ported on any platform. They can't be easier to integrate and interact with : as behavior is encoded into the kapsule, only minimal parameters are needed to call the API methods.

How it works

A Kapsule is built upon your data then your application can handle its synchronization with your users devices.

Schema showing how a kapsule works. First, data is added to your kapsule in our kapsule app. Then, you download a JS package you can integrate in your own app. Your users make search request to your package, which is kept in sync with your configurable kapsule. Small schema showing how a kapsule works for mobiles

Use Cases

Kapsules can be used to unlock or enhance a wide variety of product features.

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